Monday, November 17, 2008

Sparkly Snowbottles

I wait months and months without posting and now that I am posting it has NOTHING to do with scrapbooking! :p I picked up a copy of cLoth paper scissors ( last week when I saw these adorable "sparkling snowmen" on the cover . So last night I decided to try my hand at some altered mixed media art. It was a TON of fun. I LOVE glass bottles and had picked up a tobasco bottle years ago on a beach in Florida just because it was there and I had an old glass perfume bottle from avon laying about so I thought I'd give it a try.

The snowmen are simply made by creating a head from self drying white clay (I actually used scupley clay because it's what I had-it worked out just fine). The faces are made with metal brads and an orange photo clip. The snowbottle in the front actually has the bottle's original topper as it's hat. The arms are beaded wire and vintage glass and metal buttons. Her buttons are three clear flat glass marbles.

The snowbottle in the back has an old ring of mine as her hat with multiple strands of silver ribbon, a half of a paper flower for "wings", multiple snow themed ribbons around the long neck, white sparkly snow stickers and a bit of ribbon wrapped around the bottom.

Both bottles are filled half way with various beads to give them some weight and whimsy and then sprayed with acrylic sealer, sprinkled with fine glitter and finished off with the sealer again.

I have one more snowman head waiting to be placed upon his Coke Bottle body tonight. I haven't decided if these girls are done or need some more embellishment. I will post again once I have at least the trio completely completed. I really enjoyed digging through all my bits and bobs of glass, metal, beads, and ribbons....and my stash is getting lighter the more I do...imagine that! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These are adorable. I love mixed media - and your snowy creations are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing them.
    Diane in Michigan