Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been awhile yet again.....

Someday I'll get better at keeping regular about posting here! Going on TWO months again! We've been super busy here with snow....snow....snow.....and more snow. But it certainly does give excuse to stay inside where it's warm a little bit more to create and get inky. ;)

I am about to finish up my first order of Wedding Invitations (unless you count my own, then it'd be my second batch :p ). I'll be putting them in a post as soon as the bride-to-be gets them so she gets first peak. I was pretty happy with them, even if I really don't feel like using the color yellow again anytime soon now. :P

Here's hoping for some time to play and create tonight which I can then post later this week! Writers and inspirational block is HORRIBLE! Hmmm.....I do have some empty glass bottles.....maybe some springish bottle people are in order!

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