Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing my Scrap Room.....

I just realized how much I have missed my scrap room. A friend asked to borrow a stamp and a few stamp pads last night along with an idea for making Thank You Cards. I got in there (boy is it a MESS!) and it hit me how much I've missed creating and playing with all my inky fun stuff!!!

I know part of me strayed away from scrapping and my room because I got overwhelmed attempting to sell Scrapbooking products with a direct sales company which resulted in some creativity drainage. Now that I've stepped back from the selling I'll be getting back into my room to play, create and have fun for me and my family! Yeah!

I have jumped back into retail, selling some FABULOUS petroleum free, sootless candles made right here in Pennsylvania. I love the company, the friends I have made, and the wonderful people that I get to work with! We had a good Summer open house to start out our candle venture, made it through the summer and just recently had a great Autumn open house including a dozen vendors the beginning of November and are planning an awesome Winter open house on December 7th and 8th which will include craft vendors, retailers, and direct sale vendors.

Only a few more weeks and the Cider Mill will be closing for the season. As much as I love to drink Cider and have fresh apples right on hand, I'm looking forward to the end of the 12 hour days that seem to surround the Cider Mill. :) Which brings me back to where this entry started....more time to get into my scrap room and get to playing! :-D

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