Friday, July 9, 2010

Oil, Life, and Generalities...

All this talk about oil and the catastrophe in the Gulf has everybody thinking about ways to slow down, cut back, detach ourselves from the use of oil and petroleum products. Laying in bed last night I had this amazing revelation/reminder pass through my tired mind. All the products in my small home business are Petroleum Free! No oil, no petroleum by-products, the products in my small business are not contributing to the "oil issue".

That felt really great to realize. But what else can we do? As awesome as it sounds to 100% detach ourselves from oil and the whole business is it really possible at the drop of the hat. Practically and in all reality, no, but being responsible can truly make a huge difference. There's the age old concept of walking places-not doable for every person and every destination, but taking the chance of sounding cliche', every little bit really does help. My husband has been wanting a flat panel TV for a couple years. He started saving his change from every transaction, grocery store, hardware store, etc... Anytime he receives any change it goes in his pocket (you won't find him in front of you at the store sorting through his change to give the cashier exact change).

The concept elluded me, I thought it was a pretty silly idea. How on earth was he going to get a flat panel television with a quarter here and a few pennies there? It was going to take FOREVER. (You can see my notable lack of patience trait here). In a week or two we will be moving into a new home and once we are settled my dear hubby will be heading out to buy his new flat panel tv. No scrimping and saving. No huge investments, just a little bit here and there, going a long way in the end. Now that the concept no longer elludes me, how can I apply that to my lifestyle surrounding my energy usage and responsibility?

I know my personality and lifestyle won't be making any huge drastic changes like "going off grid" (though reading the stories of people who have is very exciting and motivating). But I can still take some of those same ideals and practices and apply them to my current habits and routines. A million little changes soon add up to a flat panel tv.....or a large change in responsible energy usage/earth care.

What small ways are you making a difference in your part of the world


  1. I have been saving my change (like your hubby does) for a long time now. I usually save it for upcoming events...birthday, anniv. etc. It's amazing how fast it adds up. Right now I am saving for vacation. I think I will need a lot of change to get to California.

    As for what am I doing to make changes...I am called the "rabid" recycler. I chase things down and pick the out of the garbage (only at home for that last one) to put it where it should go... I just wish everyone else would feel the same.

    I like your blogging. I wish I had the command of the english language that you have.

    Keep blogging!

  2. Thanks for your comment Kim. I am picturing you keeping a keen eye out on those three guys of yours at home, keeping them in line and running about picking up after them. ;p Keep on saving those pennies, you WILL get to California! Thanks for your thoughts.