Monday, March 28, 2011

Gluten Free...

I keep hearing people say they wish they could "go gluten free" so they could lose weight easily. Makes me giggle at the thought. Eating gluten free isn't a "diet", it's a lifestyle. You can lose weight with almost any lifestyle change, it's simply the fact of sticking with it.

The "easy" or what my optimistic attitude has seen as a huge benefit in a gluten free diet, is the strictness with which one has to adhere to because of the scarcity of "gluten free" foods. Before my hubby was diagnosed as gluten intolerant we ate fast foods entirely too much (even as a wife/mom trying to get into a good/organic food lifestyle). With cross-contamination and gluten being found in most prepared foods it was simply unsafe to breeze through a drive through or simply grab whatever prepackaged/convenience food was on the first shelf. BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

Fortunately, we have found restaurants that have food that is safe for my hubby and truly enjoy a wonderful dinner out and/or a yummy pizza delivered a time or two a week. Even in our home, the pantry choices are different than before his diagnosis was given (thankfully I am generally, but not always, wise enough to not buy the pack of Oreo cookies because lil' ol' ME will be the only one eating the entire package).

Over the past five years the "gluten free industry" has grown tremendously and we have been very fortunate to find more and more advice, products, and support. But at the same time, what has been a very "healthy diet" due to most products being made with whole foods and healthy nutritional values, now is very likely to become a sugar laden, overly processed, prepared food industry all it's own with very few of the health benefits of the original gluten free lifestyle. I for one intend to be scrutinizing labels and companies in order to keep our diets (what we eat, not an attempt to lose weight) on a healthy road. Just some food for thought. :)

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  1. Great post - I am finding out that I have some insensitivites to wheat/gluten, and I've been completely grain free for almost three weeks now, and well - I'm going to talk about it on the blog soon. I'm not buying any 'gluten free' things right now - just cause they are still calorically dense, and right now I'm just eating super clean. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your reading list!

  2. Jayme, simply shopping the outer edges of our grocery supplies us with an immense amount of "gluten free" foods....aka, veggies, fruits, meats, dairy, yogurt, cheeses, fresh juices, etc...:) That's how we started as well.

    Thanks for stopping in again!

  3. This is a good and inspiring post. Our family has been trying to eat better as well. Eating more veggies is a big one, cutting down on the pre packed stuff ect. We've even started growing some of our own herbs! It makes cooking fun and an adventure.

  4. It seems to be the buzzword this days, eh?

    I find when I go off flour products, I do drop weight faster.

    Happy blogoversary :)