Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Cloth Diaper Experience!

L to R:  Thirsties covers, Thirstie, Bum Genius, and Kissaluv Diapers
I've been wanting to write a post about our experience using cloth diapers as I myself had looked through many, many reviews for information as I was making the "Diaper Decision". I perused many blogs, facebook pages, youtube videos, business web pages, and personal web pages. I asked friends and threw out questions on facebook pages, looking for recommendations, suggestions, thoughts, and ideas. It was quite the trip, but very well worth it since we (or maybe I should say, "I") are very happy with our Cloth Diaper Experience. 

First, don't be afraid to post your cloth diapering questions out in your social networks. You never know who or where you might get information. After posting a question on facebook I received some very helpful information from a casual business acquaintance which actually led me to find the diapers we chose at Jillian's Drawers. Jillian's is an absolutely amazing business that was started by moms, run by moms, extremely supportive of moms and dads, and available online as well as a physical store located in the absolutely beautiful city of Ithaca, NY! After all the reviews, and getting my hands on a great assortment of diapers at Jillian's Drawers (they even have a "gently used" section!) we chose a half dozen Kissaluvs size 0 fitted diapers, a Thirsties fitted diaper, a Bum Genius pocket diaper, and a few Thirsties covers to get us started.

As I was researching, I was sure I wanted nothing but Bum Genius pocket diapers for our little girl.  But as I continued to research and think about it, I realized that the One Size Bum Genius diapers would likely be too big when our little bundle arrived (our babies tend to be around 7 pounds).  The Kissaluvs size 0 was our solution to that dilemma.  Thankfully we had come home with our selection of diapers and other assorted goodies long before Miss H was due.  Life threw us a curve ball and this Mama developed a quick, surprising case of pre-eclampsia three weeks before Miss H was due to arrive and our midwife recommended we induce-a very foreign and new notion for this "natural leaning mama"!

Miss H wearing her first Kissaluvs w/ a Thirsties cover
After spending four days in the hospital using disposable diapers, we excitedly went home to try our cloth diapers.  I was quite sure they would never fit our "early late term" little girl of 4 1/2 pounds, but I just had to try.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Kissaluvs Size 0 fit her perfectly with an x-small Thirsties cover overtop.  I was thrilled!  Within one week Miss H's thighs chunked up enough for her to fit into the Thirsties at the smallest size setting and we decided that more diapers were going to be required to keep up with the pace of Miss H!

Not wanting to buy too many of the smaller Kissaluvs we chose to get more of the Thirsties which would last longer in the size department.  Miss H has just put on enough weight, she's rounded out to a nice even six pounds, to be able to wear the Bum Genius pocket diaper-sorta.  I'm leery of it as her thighs aren't quite big enough for it to fit properly, but almost.  To fill in when we "run out", aka, mama hasn't done wash yet, I use some "old fashioned" prefolds with a snappi and a Thrsties to cover. I am quite often surprised at how easy cloth diapering really is!

I am so thrilled that since we've arrived home, Miss H has worn only three disposable diapers.  Ironically, I had the brainiac idea of putting her in a disposable just last night to "use up the package we have on hand".  We were greeted in the morning with a leaky diaper and a quite uncomfortable little girl!  The only time any one of the cloth diapers we are using has leaked has been due to the diaper being too large.

Every diaper/brand out there is going to have it's pros, cons, and quirks.  Here are a list of my "loves" for the diapers we are using.  Any "cons" I have for any of them are more quirks than problems.

Things I love about the Kissaluvs size 0:  Adorably soft, perfectly sized for small thin babies, umbilical cord cutaway/fold down, easy to wash (no taking apart pockets), and they come in cute pastel colors (though this shouldn't be an issue since they have to be worn with a waterproof cover).

Things I love about the Thirsties:  Soft and gentle, nicely sized for small babies-yet grow as baby does, easy to wash (no taking apart pockets), and they come in an assortment of colors (again, shouldn't be an issue since they have to be worn with a waterproof cover-unless you buy the all-in-one that has it's own waterproof cover).

Things I love about Bum Genius:  Outer layer is waterproof, so no cover is required, inner soakers can be swapped out or layered up depending on how much absorbency is needed, because the inner soaker is removed this diaper dries quite quickly both by line drying or drier,

Snaps vs. Aplix (velcro):  Each style of diaper we have used so far has had snaps for the rise/thigh size adjustments which of course works fabulous.  Our Kissaluvs have snaps across the front as well, which works very well being it has the fold down flap for the umbilical cord.  The Thirsties we chose have aplix for the waist adjustment/closure and I think I like that better as it gives more variability in sizing that way.

My hope is that this blog entry can be of help to at least one Mum or Dad out there attempting to swim through the plethora of amazing cloth diaper options,  Stay tuned for my next entry (promised in a day or two) with all the extra "necessities" I have found to be essential in keeping this little girl this happy most of the time. :)

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