Sunday, May 11, 2008

Writer's Block

I've never struggled with writer's block before because I never "had" to write anything other than term papers and such for school! I commit to keeping a blog and a newsletter and my tiny lil' brain is BLANK....all I hear is whistling wind and see a few tumbleweed drifting by. :(

I have been keeping my scrappy self busy with preparing projects and examples for CTMH Gatherings. I have also started creating base layout pages and greeting cards for sale at Keystone Paper Bits-the other new venture I started in March. KPB is my custom laminating, spiral book binding, paper drilling, and scrapbook business that is located in my brother's computer shop, Falcon Computers.

My newest "technique" that I have discovered and am having fun playing with is "crayon resist". It's quite fun and I do believe it will show up in a card workshop or club in the near future. :) So all you stampin' card makers start confiscating your children's, grandchildren's, neices', or nephew's white crayons! They don't use them anyway. ;)

Tidbit of wisdom to all the new papercrafters and a reminder to us veterans: Your art is never wrong! If you make a "mistake" just stamp over it, layer over it, sand it, distress it, the options are limitless! It's ART, not Science!

Have a great week.... and go get creating!

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  1. I had fun talking to you tonight. Good luck with your STTT and your show on June 9th.
    Later, Sanela